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Thermolux Combustion Stoves

Spoil yourself with delicious home cooking and the wonderful warm atmosphere provided by your Thermalux Slow Combustion Cooking Stove, All Thermalux Stoves are individually handcrafted by Master Tradesmen to ensure quality and individuality not achieved by mass production.

The Thermalux Range of slow combustion cookers includes

Clarendon, Supreme Mk III ,Grand Cuisine , Stirling

Wise Living Solar Mio Hot Water

The Clever Hot Water System

Whether for Commercial, Domestic, Industrial or Municipal Hot Water applications, no other system is as attractive as Solar~Mio. Even on Heritage buildings, where there is slate, corrugated iron or tiles, Solar~Mio collector panels do not look obtrusive.

Solar~Mio Systems do not feature heavy, bulky roof tanks. The tank is installed out of sight in a cupboard or under the eaves at the back of the house. Simple Installations with no need for major modifications.


Paramount Woodheater Range

The Jindara Paramount range is a brilliantly designed and constructed wood heater series that provides excellent efficiency with unique high performance. The sylish design of these wood heaters ensure that Jindara leads the way into the new millennium in design and technology. Externsive research and testing have allowed Jindara to provide a superior selection of wood heating applicances for the discerning buyer. The Jindara wood heating family not only provides an inspired collection of wood heating applicances, they also offer 55 years of manufacturing experience in Australia. This peace of mind security ensures that Jindara products will be supported by our Australia wide customer service network. Jindara's ongoing successes in the wood heating industry allow us the flexibility to develop new models and designs. "Quality Through Integrity" has long been the motto at Jindara, a motto we are proud to say we enjoy achieving.

Outback Woodheater Range

At the heart of all Jindara Outback certified woodheaters is a 100% Australian made durable steel firebox backed by our Ten Year Warranty. All models also have a large neo-ceramic self-cleaning door glass. Also included on the Riverina and Barossa models is a 3-speed fan to provide even faster warmth circulation. Certified to all relevant Australian standards, including the stringent AS-4013-1999 environmental emissions standard, accepted by all pollution control authorities, the range offers quality, style and outstanding performance, exactly as you would expect from a true Australian legend.

Bega Heating & Solar also stocks wood heaters, combustion stoves & solar hot water systems from other well respected Australian manufacturers that may suit your needs.

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Our Additional Product Range


Our turnover enables us to supply quality product at a very reasonable price.

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Burning Log

We also stock Burning Log wood heaters.

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We also stock Nectre wood heaters.

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